ADT Shambles


We tendered for a contract with a company against ADT Tyco.

ADT Tyco went so low on there maintenance / Service visits.

I told the client that they were that low because they will make cost up on call outs.

Tyco only offer 12 months warranty.

It has come to light that ADT Tyco program the system for a engineer reset. Even on a bells only installation.

One perticular store had no alarm all over the weekend because a fault arrises on a friday at 8 pm then store closed.

To be told by the operator that they don’t know the code and a engineer will have to attend to assess the error..

When the store manager requested a engineer to attend, their response was that they can’t send a engineer as head office is closed and can’t raise a purchase order.

Cut the story short. That have now made up that cost. And client will be billed.

They are insistent to the client that their systems are fully open protocol. (Lies)

If you have any sence do not get a Tyco / ADT / Johnson controls or any other company name they go by..

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